• CREATED TO GET YOU THROUGH Herby drink from austere lands, when your soul seeking for strengths. Rooibos, mint, fennel, star anise, green anise and linden. Beautifully fresh, green, peaceful
  • CREATED TO PLEASE Refreshing, yet sweet like a kiss. This blend contains green elements - Sencha green tea, Lung Ching green tea, horsetail, nettle and fruity - pineapple, orange peel, freeze-dried blueberry and cane sugar. Perfect balance between thoughtful trance and charming breeziness
  • CREATED TO TAKE YOU ON A TRIP Bright and delightful blend with fragrant pineapple, hibiscus, redolent rose hips, apple pieces and coconut chips. Sweet memories about Elsweyr embodied in M'aiq's favorite heady drink  
  • CREATED TO WARM YOU UP A well deserved rest by the warm fire after a day of adventure. A drink made from the gifts of the forest, chill and a little eerie in the coming twilight. Made with cut hibiscus, rose hips, corintas, raisins and dried apple pieces, blackberry leaf and of course berries - dried cherry, freeze-dried raspberry, strawberry and blackberry - more a hot punch than a classic tea
  • CREATED TO GIVE YOU HOPE Long, exhaustingly hot days in the deserts give way to cold nights, which seem to be created to soothe a weary soul with this fragrant drink. Contains rooibos, apple pieces, valerian, orange blossom, lavender, mallow, blue cornflower and safflower
  • CREATED TO GET YOU BACK TO THE ROOTS A little respite in an endless battle with forces of nature, even spriggans can appreciate a good company. This tea is recharging, thanks to pu erh red tea, but probably not the best choice before bed. Also contains mate, nettle, carrot, freeze dried blueberry, strawberry and raspberry, calendula and mallow

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