Seashells shaped wax melts

Strong scented soy wax melts made in seashell shapes with a touch of golden and silver highlighter that will melt and dance beautifully.
Package includes 55 grams or 2 oz of melts in a black velvet pouch

Scent descriptions below:

“Argonian Maid’s Boudoir”

Refreshing, sensual, sweet like a kiss.
Rose Wood, Dark Agarwood, Neroli, Strawberry, Verbena

Perfect balance between thoughtful trance and charming breeziness.


“Arcadia’s Cauldron”

Just a cozy little alchemy shop, that feels like home.

Contains: Lemon Essential Oil, Cedar Essential Oil, Clary Sage Essential Oil and one very special blend “Homebaked” to give it a warming heart touch

“You’ll find tonics, salves, poultices, and potions on my shelves. Browse, to your heart’s content”


“Candlehearth Hall”

The coziest tavern in Skyrim, a place of warmth and comfort for everyone.

“The building was originally home to a great warrior named Vundheim from the early Fourth Era. When he died in 4E 38 his son, Deroct, lit a candle above the hearth in his honor. Since that day, the candle has never gone out and as such the inn owes its name to this phenomenon”

Contains: Honey Orange, Cinnamon and special Homebaked oil blend Essential Oils

55 grams/ 2 oz

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